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Describe - briefly - what the article is about, in 1 or 2 sentenes, or 3 at the most.

The idea is to make it easy for the reader to decide whether this article is relevant to his current goals, so include hugely important advice here, in a second paragraph, if you think it is necessary.
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== Subject ==
=== Examples I ===
== Getting more in depth ==
=== Examples II ===
== Advice ==
Include any and all pertinent advice here. The goal is to increase the chance of each player having fun, by giving advice helping the player to decide whether to buy the ability or not (if the article is about one or more abilities) or use the option (if the article is about something that characters can choose to do), and later on how to make use of the ability (e.g. to avoid any pitfalls that aren't extremely obvious).
== Please note ==
Clarify, elaborate, try to predict and answer questions that are somewhat likely to be asked during character creation or during play.
== Mini-FAQ ==
Put in sub-sections (three ='s) each containing multiple Q&As, and insert a blank line between each individual Q&A.
=== sub-section ===

== The world ==
A section mainly for the GM, or worldbuilder, about the world impact of the phenomenon, e.g. an Item Creation Power, or an attribute or other stat that may sometimes be starkly high or low relative to the Human average.
=== World impact ===
Talk about the effect on the world that this phenomenon would realistically have (taking into account such facts of human nature as greed, ambition and sexual impulses).
==== The Ärth setting ====
Talk about how this trait appears and functions in the Ärth historical fantasy setting.
== Design Notes ==
Talk briefly about what the purpose of the mechanic is. Omit this section if it is extremely obvious to the target audience.
== Quick mini-glossary ==
Explain terms of great relevance to the subject matter of the article here, but not terms that are of generally great importance (e.g. RD).
== See also ==
Include links here, to other articles that are highly pertinent to the subhject matter of this one. Remember <br> linebreaks before or after (but not both!).

== Table to use ==

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! A !! B !! C
| 1 || 2 || 3
| 4 || 5 || 6

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