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This short article is about the various ways in which you can communicate with The Designer and the rest of the crew behind Sagatafl.

First, there is the mailing list for discussing Sagatafl design, called FFRE-Discussion (because that was Sagatafl's original name). If you want to be able to contribute to this wiki, you must subscribe to the mailing list. Also, unless you have been given a special invitation by the Chief Designer, you must first "earn" the right to editor status, by participating actively on the mailing list, thereby showing that you care about the project and that you agree with its goals and its high level of ambition:
(Feel free to reply to very old posts to the list, as long as you realize that Sagatafl has changed rather a lot since it was first envisioned, and so old posts are sometimes not at all indicative of the current design.)

You can also contact the Chief Designer, Peter Knutsen, via email, at < >, remembering to remove the ".invalid" part.

Finally, the Chief Designer can be found on Facebook, under the name Peter Knutsen: .

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