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This article briefly defines the most important general terms, abbreviations and acronyms used in Sagatafl, sorted alphabetically. Note that there are separate articles for more specific terms as well as for important English language words that are not specific to Sagatafl.

Note, this article is still very incomplete.




Short for farthing, the monetary currency used in Sagatafl. Characters really talk about pennies, or drachma, or interstellar kredits, but players talk about farthings; kilo-farthings, mega-farthings or giga-farthings (even tera-farthings or peta-farthings if necessary!). 4f is 1 medieval penny (about 1.5 grams), one medieval (Carolingan) pound (i.e. of silver) is roughly 1000f. In modern currency, 1f is very approximately 25 Danish kroner, 2 2/3 UK Pound, 5 US$ or about 3.5 Euro.

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