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Thing Wikitext Notes Thing Wikitext Notes
Control column width
!!scope="col" style="width: 25em;" | Stuff A !! Stuff B 
Preferably place in header row. Controls the width of the Stuff A column.
colspan in table
|colspan=2| 1st colspan cell ||colspan=2| 2nd colspan cell
use rowspan=X in the same way
Making a piped link
The basic structure of a table
{|style="margin: 2px;"
! A !! B !! C
| 1 || 2 || 3
Table is 3 columns, 2 rows (1st row is header formatted), and includes a 2 pixel external buffer/margin on top, bottom, right and left.
Adding to a category
use on an article or category page
Linking to a category
Control font size
<font size="+1">word</font>
Use only values of -2, +1 and higher
Ending part w. horiz. stacked tables
<br style="clear:left">
Presumably use "right" for right-stacked tables? For starting a new article
Click me!
Leads to the template or structure for new articles
<!-- comment -->
Making a redirect to another page
#REDIRECT [[pagename]]
Must be on 1st line of page
Soft hyphen
Tells browser it's OK to break up word there
Non-breaking space
Inserted into any normal text
Non-breaking hyphen
Thing Wikitext Notes Thing Wikitext Notes

Note, this is a personal reference page for editor Peter Knutsen. Nobody else should ever make any alterations to this page, without explicit permisson from Peter Knutsen. You are, however, welcome to copy from it

This page contains the wikitext usage references most frequently used by Peter Knutsen, which he finds hard or impossible to remember at the present time.

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